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“We keep receiving women…sexual slaves of various armed groups in our different offices. They are suffering from sexual slavery but also forced marriage, forced labour, mental, physical and economic violence as well as inhuman and degrading treatment.”,jos buttler ipl runs,India and Pakistan both claim Kashmir as its sovereign territory.,But the commitment was overshadowed on Saturday morning by a deadly car bomb attack outside a shopping mall in the LNA-controlled eastern city of Benghazi, which left three UN staff dead, and three others injured, including dozens of civilians..

As the Central African Republic enters this new phase, the UN chief announced on Wednesday also that Mankeur Ndiaye of Senegal will be his new Special Representative to the country, mandated to head the UN’s stabilization mission there (MINUSCA). He succeeds Parfait Onanga-Anyanga of Gabon, who had been leading the Mission since August 2015. ,Citing other forms of anti-religious hatred being witnessed today – including against Muslims and Christians worldwide – he noted that anti-Semitism is the “oldest and more permanent form of hatred” to have endured “in the history of humankind”.,Continuing with an ambitious reform programme is key to Afghanistan’s economic self-reliance, sustainable development and peace, Mohammad Qayoumi, Minister of Finance of Afghanistan, insisted. “I think in the past four years we have passed more than 390 legislations...I don’t think we have done that much in the prior 100 years.”,jos buttler ipl record.

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The Hema and Lendu communities have a history of extreme violence in Ituri.  ,jos buttler ipl price,Blue helmets chased after the unidentified assailants, and a few hours later in the Mopti region, peacekeepers came under attack again, this time through improvised explosive devices, or IEDs..

The draft, penned by the United Kingdom, also urged the parties to continue to “engage constructively, in good faith and without preconditions” with Martin Griffiths, the UN Special Envoy for Yemen, including by working to stabilize the war-battered economy and reopening Sana’a airport, as well as committing to another round of peace talks, in January 2019.,Since 2015, access to basic services and sources of income has become increasingly challenging and, today, three quarters of the entire Yemeni population – 22 million women, children and men – find themselves dependent on some form of humanitarian assistance to survive.,jos buttler ipl record,In a statement, Ghassan Salamé, the head of the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), underscored that the Organization “will not accept any attack on a state institution, especially one committed by a terrorist group”..

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Rather than being seen as victims of recruitment, thousands of children around the world were detained for their actual or alleged association with armed groups in 2018: in Syria and Iraq, the majority of children deprived of their liberty are under the age of five.,Tensions started escalating at the end of January, when Mr. Guaidó, head of the country’s National Assembly, challenged the legitimacy of the sitting President, Nicolás Maduro, and was declared interim president by the National Assembly. President Maduro has been in power since 2013 and was sworn in again for a second term on 10 January.,“But the violence must stop”, she spelled out. UNICEF is appealing to all involved to protect and keep children out of harm’s way..

jos buttler ipl runs,In a briefing on the G5-Sahel Joint Force, the regional body designed to improve security and development and comprised of Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Chad, Mr. Lacroix said the counter-terrorism initiative has seen “remarkable progress,” but warned it faces critical shortages. ,“Revenues from natural resource extraction needed for vital services and development being diverted to the military and its allies undermines the civilian Government, democratic reforms, the peace process, sustainable development and the realisation of rights,” the Special Rapporteur explained..

UN Secretary-General António Guterres also underlined the need to avoid further escalation of the situation in the Black Sea region.,“Women police officers,” he said, “can help to mentor and inspire future women police leaders, increase access to justice for women and children at risk, and improve information-gathering and analysis by building bridges to vulnerable groups.,With that in mind, he called on all stakeholders to scrupulously honor the commitments they have made under the agreement and not to betray the confidence placed in them by the Central African people and all those who accompanied them in throughout the peace process..

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“I want to express my sincere thanks to all nations, especially the United States, concerned nations and parties, including the Governments of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Indonesia… the UN and others for encouraging all sides to set the stage for a process that would lead to talks and a Just and comprehensive negotiated settlement,” he told the UN General Assembly on the second day of its annual general debate.,jos buttler ipl price,The office further noted that “there is growing ethnicization of the conflict in central Mali, in which entire communities are being stigmatized as terrorists or as affiliates of armed groups”..

He underscored that Russia is punishes Ukraine for making a sovereign decision to live in a free world based on democratic values.,The extremist group Hamas has controlled the Gaza Strip since 2006, but so far, no group has claimed responsibility for launching the rocket on Monday morning, according to latest media reports, which penetrated further into Israel than any attack since the end of the most recent conflict between Israel and Gaza, in 2014.,jos buttler ipl record,The UN envoy condemned “the unacceptable efforts by the Southern Transitional Council to take control of State institutions by force” and deplored “the harassment of Yemenis of northern origin in Aden, such as through physical violence, forced displacement and denial of freedom of movement, including targeting of Government officials and supporters”.  .

The High Commissioner’s appeal follows the announcement by UN Secretary-General António Guterres on Monday, that he was following the demonstrations in Sudan “closely”,jos buttler ipl record,They expressed their deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims, as well as to the people and Government of Somalia and wished a speedy recovery to those injured.,Since conflict began in CAR in 2012, due to fighting between the mostly Christian anti-Balaka militia and the mainly Muslim Séléka rebel coalition, thousands of civilians have been killed and two out of three people in the small Central African Nation have become dependent on humanitarian aid..

Mr. Amano was presenting the IAEA’s annual report to the General Assembly, which summarizes and highlights developments over the past year in major areas of the Agency’s work.,DiCarlo’s briefing to the Council was delivered just days before Ukrainians vote in parliamentary elections on July 21. The Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs expressed her hope that the poll will be “peaceful and democratic”, and inclusive, reflecting the “broadest participation of women”.,In a statement on Friday, António Guterres commended the progress made by Prime Minister Faiez Serraj, who also presides over the council leading the Government of National Accord, and the Commander of the Libyan National Army, Khalifa Haftar.,jos buttler ipl price.

The Sri Lankan Government declared victory over the LTTE in May 2009, after a conflict that had raged on and off for nearly three decades and killed thousands of people: the final months of fighting before the Sri Lankan Government declared victory over the Tamil Tigers in May, generated concerns about alleged violations of international human rights and humanitarian law.,west ham score live,Another non-Council member, the Russian Federation, meanwhile, echoed other countries’ comments that welcomed Saudi efforts to increase women’s participation in social and political life, before expressing concern about possible violations of religious minorities, prisoners and detainees, amid reports of alleged torture in detention centres - and of migrant workers, who make up one-third of Saudi’s population.,But briefing the 15-member Council on an invitation from the Government of Syria to visit Damascus next week, he said he would continue in his post up to the end of November, in an effort to get UN-backed peace talks on track, and help lay the groundwork for a new constitution..

Noting that the 18 December ceasefire in and around Hudaydah had been largely adhered to, Mr. Griffiths said the fighting was now “very limited” compared to the clashes beforehand, which threatened the lives of hundreds-of-thousands of civilians living inside the Houthi-held port and city.,In a joint mission to the epicentre of the outbreak, around the city of Beni close to the Ugandan border, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) and UN Peacekeeping chief Jean-Pierre Lacroix, spent Wednesday seeing conditions on the ground for themselves, along with Minister of Health Oly Ilunga Kalenga. They met local officials, health workers, civil society leaders, and peacekeepers.,“These developments have come at a time when the Darfur peace process had come to a standstill – once again – in the context of the ongoing demonstrations against the economic and political conditions in Sudan”, she continued.,jos buttler ipl record.

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He acknowledged that “we have seen the timelines for implementation extended, both in Hudaydah, and the prisoner exchange agreement. Such changes in timelines are expected. The initial timelines were rather ambitious. We are dealing with a complex situation on the ground.”,Mr. Guterres noted that “in the current deteriorating international security environment, previously-agreed arms control and disarmament agreements are increasingly under threat”.,In the statement, Mr. Haysom also extended his condolences to the families and friends of the victims, and wished the injured a full recovery..

jos buttler ipl runs,President Vaz also highlighted the obligations and principles enshrined in the UN Charter, especially those of the peaceful resolution of disputes, the non‑interference in the internal affairs of other countries and multilateralism as the cornerstone of building international peace and security.,Sixty countries are known to have mine contamination, with over half committed to the Mine Ban Treaty, which orders contamination to be cleared within 10 years--only four are on track to meet their deadlines.

“There are no certified doctors and only a few poorly supplied clinics,” said spokesperson Christophe Boulierac. “Since December last year, at least eight children - most of them newborns - died in the camp because of freezing temperatures and lack of medical care.”  ,More common themes, such as multilateralism and climate change, dominated the debate’s first two days, but on Thursday, the very raison d'être of the UN’s founding in 1945 – the prevention of war – played out from the same podium in the same hall before assembled world Heads of State and Government, though neither of the two protagonists attended the other’s speech. ,“We have approached the authorities who are effectively in control of the area where we need to work”, Mr Mahecic said. “We have also appealed to those fighting and those with influence over those involved in the fighting to do their utmost to grant safety for the civilians fleeing and to allow humanitarian access in the areas where we need.”.

The president’s recent decree ordering the release of all political prisoners was also to be welcomed, Mr. Gilmour said, in anticipation of their actual release and the closing of all unofficial detention centres.,He also expressed concerns about reports of arbitrary arrests and disproportionate use of force during the January 2018 protests against the finance law and austerity measures.,This year, following many months of preparation, Iraqi Foreign Ministry representatives returned “numerous property items taken during the invasion,” to Kuwait on 11 and 13 November, Mr. Kubis said, marking a “clear indication” of the Iraqi government’s commitment to resolving outstanding issues..

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Japanese police have now identified the man suspected of carrying out the attack on Thursday morning, who reportedly entered the Kyoto Animation (KyoAni) building, carrying cans of flammable liquid, which he poured across different areas of the film and graphic novel media business, before setting it alight. ,As UN Chef de Cabinet Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti pointed out, although peace is at the heart of the work of the United Nations, it is something that must be addressed daily.,These include enhancing inclusive economic growth, reducing poverty, creating employment, fighting corruption, empowering women more, and improving governance, rule of law and human rights..

jos buttler ipl runs,The UN agency says that the attacks happened between 28 and 30 August, the latest violence against civilians since fighting escalated in north-west Syria in late April. ,“There has been a staggering loss of life and injury in the Gaza Strip,” he added. “Among the most tragic impacts have been the deaths and injury of children.”.

The International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, marked annually on 26 September, provides an occasion for the world community to reaffirm its commitment to global nuclear disarmament as a high priority. It also provides an opportunity to educate the public about the real benefits of eliminating such weapons, and the social and economic costs of perpetuating them.,On reaching positions controlled by US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the “hungry and cold” civilians – mainly women and children, according to UNHCR - “describe being herded into open trucks” and transported northwards to Al Hol camp.,Ms. Espinosa was speaking at a high-level forum to mark the 20th anniversary of the General Assembly’s adoption of a Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace..

Established in 2001, the SCO is a political, economic, and security alliance of countries in the Eurasia region. Its membership includes China, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. In addition, Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran and Monglia are SCO observer states.,While a lack of accountability during the country’s struggle for independence has helped to fuel the current conflict, the report stresses that sustainable peace requires tangible and credible accountability and justice.,“I extend my condolences to the bereaved families. Such incidents must be condemned in the strongest of terms, and I call on everyone to stand up to violence and condemn terrorism,” he stressed..