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Welcome to the T.S Mishra University School of Law

At the T. S Mishra University School of Law, we are dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive legal education that prepares them for successful careers as ethical and competent legal professionals. With a rich tradition of academic excellence, a commitment to experiential learning, and a diverse and inclusive community, we offer a dynamic environment where students can thrive and make a meaningful impact in the legal profession and society.

Why Choose the T. S Mishra University School of Law?

  • Distinguished Faculty: Our faculty members are accomplished scholars, experienced practitioners, and passionate educators who are committed to fostering critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and ethical responsibility in our students. With expertise in a wide range of legal fields, our faculty provide students with a rich and diverse learning experience that prepares them for the complexities of legal practice.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our curriculum is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in legal theory, doctrine, and practical skills. From foundational courses in contract law, criminal law, and constitutional law to specialized seminars in areas such as environmental law, human rights, and intellectual property, our program offers a rigorous and intellectually stimulating legal education that prepares students for success in the legal profession.
  • Experiential Learning: At the T. S Mishra University School of Law, we believe in the importance of experiential learning. Through clinical programs, externships, internships, and simulation courses, students have the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge to real-world legal issues, gain practical skills, and make a positive impact in the community. Our commitment to hands-on learning ensures that students graduate with the confidence and competence to succeed in legal practice.
  • Global Perspective: In an increasingly interconnected world, understanding international and comparative law is essential. Our programs offer opportunities for students to explore global legal issues, engage with diverse perspectives, and participate in study abroad programs and international internships. By fostering a global mindset and cultural competence, we prepare students to navigate the complexities of an evolving global legal landscape.

LLB (Bachelor of Laws) Program

Our LLB program is designed for students who are passionate about pursuing a career in law. Through a comprehensive and intellectually stimulating curriculum, students develop the legal knowledge, analytical skills, and professional values necessary for success in the legal profession. With opportunities for hands-on learning, internships, and practical training, our LLB program prepares students to become effective advocates, problemsolvers, and leaders in their communities.

Join Us at the T. S Mishra University School of Law

Whether you aspire to become a practicing attorney, pursue a career in public service, or advocate for social justice and change, the T. S Mishra University School of Law offers a supportive and inclusive community where you can achieve your goals and make a difference. We invite you to explore our programs, connect with our faculty, and discover how our innovative approach to legal education can help you realize your full potential.

Welcome to the T. S Mishra University School of Law—where passion for justice meets excellence in education.

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